The proof was not scientific but if you were to be anywhere in the glitterati cities like LA, Miami, NY and SF you would have noticed, hot wives radiating to Land Rover more than any other brand. And the German brands following close behind.

I mean it got to the point where Land Rover could have changed their tagline to The Official Vehicle of FEMBOTS.

And if you spoke with the drivers they would SWOON and look faint when they talked about their Range Rover. You could tell just the thought of them having one created naughty idolism in their minds.

But NOTHING lasts forever. And times CHANGE.

Jump on the socials and you'll see LR and the Germans QUICKLY being REPLACED by TESLA.

Don't believe us? We'll show you a sample...

This is not a person in the car biz. Just a normal real estate agent in LUST with her TESLA.

And there are PLENTY more.

So Spies, are you seeing the same thing in YOUR area?

Do Girl's Just Wanna Have PLAID?

Has Tesla REPLACED Land Rover And The German's As The Official Vehicle Of 'HOT WIVES'?

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