Relationships are a balance of power and sometimes a battle of the wills.  Just think of how many of your friends USED to be driving sport cars only to get married and now be saddled with a SUV or worse yet the  testosterone robbing mini van?  It can be like a slow death with the only glimmer on the horizon being the fact that the kids will eventually grow up and move out.  THEN you can finally have what YOU want again. 

Or so you thought.

Having a significant other also means they want to have a say in everything, and many times that isn't your view of how it should be.  Everyone agrees you have to sometimes take one for the team, but logic, emotions, and wants vs needs just get in the way.

With all of that being said has your significant other ever stopped YOU from buying the car of YOUR dreams?

White trash beauty from Amsterdam Ad Blog on Vimeo.

Has Your Significant Other STOPPED YOU From Buying The Car Of YOUR Dreams?

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