This may sound sterotypical but most cars, trucks and suv's usually have predictable customer make ups.

That's just the way it is.

Don't expect to see a Hillary Clinton voter driving around in her F-250 Super Duty diesel.

Or think you'll ever see a staunch Alabama football follower cruising around town in their Fiat 500 Abarth.

Enter the VW IDBuzz van.

The Microbus replacement VW has been promising way too long that has taken FOREVER to hit dealers.

The days of Woodstock and Timothy Leary are over so we're having a hard time figuring out who the main buyer will be.

Will it be the overweight, over-educated, suburban liberal woman that has been tooling around in the new Beetle, that now thinks Elon Musk is satan?

Or will it be Portlander's and Seattle residents who dream about having long hair and living in Malibu, who vape cotton candy?

Rather than speculate, how about we open it up to y'all and have you give us your BEST description of who you think will be the main buyer?


Here's Your Auto Spies HOMEWORK. Describe To Us, WHO The Buyer Will Be For The VW ID Buzz Van?

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