It’s not easy being a mid-size, two-door coupe these days. Chevy’s Monte Carlo got its final pit stop last year, while Pontiac is still selling the G6 Coupe, and Nissan recently added a coupe version of its popular Altima. However, you can pretty much count the Accord Coupe’s competition on one hand.

Of course, the Ford Mustang is still going fairly strong, and the Dodge Challenger and Chevrolet Camaro are making comebacks like the tired rock bands of the ’80s, but they’re Pony Cars, and aren’t really targeting customers looking at this Honda.

But with the Accord sedan is so popular, how can the coupe version find its share of sales?

Doesn’t look the same… or does it?
Try as they might, Honda just can’t dress the Accord Coupe with different clothes than the sedan. Sure, the headlights are slimmer, the grille isn’t shaped the same, but the coupe just can’t stand out as a more driver-oriented counterpart to the four-door Accord. This car needs a Hawaiian shirt or something.

The biggest difference is at the rear of the cars, as the coupe has a shorter deck, and the licence plate is moved down into bumper. Of course, the car’s roofline drops dramatically, and the overall look of the two-door Accord is pretty elegant.

This thing’s big
For 2008, Honda’s mid-size coupe and sedan got bigger and more spacious, and it’s obvious from the moment you step in. What further enhances the impression of space is the expansive dashboard with Paul Bunyon-size buttons and knobs. Rear-seat space is good for adults, provided they can climb back there, but headroom is limited for taller folks.

As in all new Honda and Acura vehicles, the centre stack instrument layout seems fussy, but you quickly get used to finding the buttons you want; liquid-crystal display is on top, audio controls are in the middle, and climate control buttons are on the bottom.

The seats are comfortable and the general atmosphere feels solid, but unfortunately, the rakish A-pillars are wide and create blind spots.

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