Although I want to talk about something else tonight, I think I'd be doing a disservice to my fellow east coasters by ignoring this past week's trials and tribulations. Hurricane Sandy was a tough mother, folks, and we're feeling the pain in New Jersey and New York.

I am writing to you, finally, from my now fully functional home -- it's glorious and I feel incredibly lucky.

But, realistically, I am in the minority: Power is out to many utility customers across the area and while that may not be a big problem in the spring or fall, you have to remember that temperatures are dropping down to the low 40s.

In addition to that, downtown Manhattan is essentially a trainwreck. Gas? Yeah, good luck trying to find some whether its for your wheels or to keep your generator running.

In south New Jersey and New York's Long Island, areas have been completely decimated. Some residential areas, as well as attractions, have been wiped off the map entirely.

While there was what I believe was sufficient warning and ample time prepare for this devastating storm, I think I can safely say many were taken aback by the aftermath of what some are calling the area's worst natural disaster.

That being said, I would have to say I wish I had something a bit more utilitarian and badass to deal with the storm during and after this mess. What would be the MOST optimal choice? What say you?

**Please keep my fellow east coasters in your thoughts

Hurricane Sandy Leaves A Trail Of Tears In The Northeast - What Would Have Been The OPTIMAL Ride To Battle Mother Nature?

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