Hyundai just took to the World Wide Web to reveal the name of its upcoming city car, the Inster. The model builds on Korea's only gasoline-powered Casper, and it will be called the Casper Electric in its homeland, with the Inster moniker being used in worldwide markets.

The automaker says the nameplate is derived from 'intimate' and 'innovative,' and the vehicle "will set new standards in terms of driving range, technology, and safety features, redefining what buyers can expect from a vehicle in this class."
So, what do we know about it besides its segment? It has a maximum targeted range of 221 miles (355 km) on the WTLP cycle and LED exterior lighting. Brightening up the teaser images using our basic photo-editing skills did nothing, as Hyundai saw that coming.

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Hyundai Teases 2024 Inster Electric City Car

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