We all wish we could be in the position 54-year-old Michael J.

Weirsky is in now. The New Jersey resident recently won the Mega Millions lottery, which reached $273 million the night the numbers were drawn. Weirsky, who has been divorced for 15 years and was struggling financially to get by, opted to take the lump sum of $162.5 million after taxes. Uncle Sam certainly takes his fair share but it’s not like Weirsky will be poor. Not even close. But instead of heading directly to his local Ferrari, Lamborghini or, heck, Bugatti dealership, Weirsky prefers for his first major new purchase to be a little bit more modest. Forget those exotics, he’s buying a $60,000 Ford F-150 Raptor.

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If You Just Took Home $162 Million In Lotto Winnings, What Car Would You Buy?

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