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The AMG arm of Mercedes-Benz is in the middle of a new phase of development. It's now concentrating on making every new AMG model more and more AMG and less just a souped-up Merc.

Case in point: AMG's new front suspension design. It's a setup that features a wider track and more aggressive camber settings than the standard models. A set of stiffer springs and more precise dampers just isn't enough anymore. And into this fray enters the 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG.

The new Coupe Leicht Sportlich is still the prettiest poster child for modern Mercedes styling. Adding the edginess of the AMG look — especially one with the optional Performance Pak like our tester — turns it into the Mona Lisa with a nose ring. It's beautiful and all, but anything other than "comfort" mode has the 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG noticeably eager to run, and run fast.

AMG's Turn With the CLS63
"The S- and CL-Classes with the new M157 AMG engine," AMG Director of Engine and Powertrain Friedrich Eichler tells Inside Line, "both have lots of room under the hood, so the exhaust section between the manifolds and turbochargers is a straight path." Due to the packaging of the slightly smaller CLS- and E-Classes, this tube needs bending, which also helps with insertion of one of the engine mounting bolts. "It looks cooler, too," Eichler says, "and the power-transfer losses are minor."

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