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When it comes to Audi, I don’t really ‘get’ the current line-up.

It’s not that I cannot see where these cars sit in the market or which rivals they are up against, I just don’t see why anyone would choose an Audi over one of its various rivals.

This doesn’t just apply to the upper end of the scale, where some personal tastes, bias and loyalties come into play rather than simple economics or the restrictions of a company car list. Take the Audi A1 for example: it’s a premium-badged supermini that should have customers deserting MINI showrooms in their droves.

However, the A1 is just not that good a car, in my opinion. It’s expensive when compared to the likes of the Ford Fiesta, which is much better to drive, and the Volkswagen Polo that is a better drive and more comfortable. The A1’s near-rigid ride quality simply shows Audi has not understood this sector the way it thinks it has.

Then there’s the new A3 that’s just coming on stream.

You’ll need a good look to tell it apart from the old model, which is good for residual values of the outgoing car, but not so wonderful if you want to stand out as an early adopter in the company car park.

There’s also the small matter of the BMW 1 Series being a much, and I mean hugely, more enjoyable car to drive. Head up through their respective ranges and the BMW 135i decimates and challenge from the A3. Bring on the S3 soon please, Audi.

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