Delighted to be back at it for my first press trip this year with Ferrari.

The brand new Ferrari Roma as we saw last year November in Rome when it first launched. Now we get to drive it!

The looks inspired by the 250 GT Lusso and the interior features a whole new feel.

The Roma is Ferrari's first new car to not wear the Scuderia Ferrari shields on the wings.

We fly into Turin with Ferrari and my friend Kate for a 2 night stay and a lovely adventure planned.

Lots more to show you and talk about in my lifestyle review of the Roma.

For us Spies, Ii would have been better if the review was done by Miss Emma PEEL BUT, we'll settle today for Miss Emma Walsh. Take it away!

It's SUNDAY! What Could Be BETTER Than A FERRARI ROMA, A BLONDE With An English Accent And A ROMP Through ITALY In The Car? LET'S GO!

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