New information is starting to trickle out from our friends abroad. According to the latest report in an overseas publication the much anticipated Audi A9 Concept set for a 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show debut will be called Prologue.

Said to be leading the company's all-new design language, it's a big deal. Literally and figuratively. Also noted in the report is that the vehicle will measure 5.1 meters in overall length. For the non-mathematically inclined that would be just about 16 feet.

2014 Los Angeles Auto Show Preview

To compare, the all-new Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe is about 16 and a half feet long.

Whatever the case, we're pretty damn excited. Scope out the latest sketches below!

2014 Los Angeles Auto Show Preview

#LAAUTOSHOW: Audi's All-New Concept To Be Called Prologue? Possibly Rival S-Class Coupe?

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