Alright, Spies.

Here we go.

The 2019 LA Auto Show is about to start rocking and rolling. And while Agent 001 spent today exercising some ponies, he was also curious. That's because he had been spotting Porsche Taycans out and about in Los Angeles.

2019 LA Auto Show

Where were they hiding?

Well, as he is an Agent, it's his business to know. That said, he wound up locating them. The fleet of Taycans were found in an underground garage, three stories under. I guess you could say that Porsche really values its discretion.

See in white and a variety of blues, it was a unique opportunity to see a bunch of Taycans in one place.

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2019 LA Auto Show

#LAAutoShow: Agents Go UNDERGROUND To Get You The FIRST Porsche Taycan Pics In The City Of Angels

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