LeBron James just ponied up the ~$750K for one of the 99, and this fall took delivery of the collectible and very cool open-top mechanical quadruped.

This particular beast of burden packs a 6L that can deliver 621 horses, actually, and a very impressive 737 pound-feet of torque while it’s at it; the engine is made by AMG. The interior of the Landaulet is cushy, though, and borrows massage features, adjustable calf rests, and climate control for the seats, retractable leather-sheathed tables in the rear, a pushbutton soft top, and a glass partition between the front and rear of the cabin fabricated from glass boasting adjustable opacity. For off-roading, the Landaulet offers 17 inches of ground clearance.

We only have ONE question. How on EARTH could HE fit in the drivers seat and actually drive it?

The front seat room is TINY!

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LeBron James Treats Himself To A Maybach G650 Landaulet After Championship. One Question? HOW DOES HE FIT?

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