It’s funny that one of the loudest cars on the road this year comes from a manufacturer that makes some of the quietest. Of course, when first entering a German-dominated market full of performance sedans, it is important to make some noise- both visually and aurally.

The Japanese hooligan
It’s called the Lexus IS F, and it’s the automakers most politically incorrect model badged by the dirtiest letter of the alphabet. A shot at the likes of the Audi RS4, Mercedes C63 AMG and BMW’s M3, it’s yet another sensible sedan that’s had had a syringe full of Amphetamines emptied into its jugular.

In the case of the IS F, the V6 was dumped in favor of a 416 horsepower, 5-litre V8. How American sounding! An 8-speed automatic with paddle shift, crushing brakes, and slammed suspension are all fitted, and the car is followed around by an engine tone that could melt steel.

The raised hood, under-bite bumper, side gills and spiny looking wheels give it a face like deep-sea viperfish. It’s all very intentional- less calculated and discreet but more youthful and brazen in its presentation. Compared to the Germans, IS F looks like some teenagers got their hands on the standard car and a stolen Visa, and then took it on an all expenses paid trip to “Go-Fast-Goodie-Land”.

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Lexus IS F Review

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