There are many things to note about this photo:

1)  That's Lindsay Lohan. She's vacationing in St. Barts.

2)  LiLo is wearing a bikini and heels the same way that other people would wear a dress and heels. Or jeans and and heels. Or a skirt and heels. Or basically anything that IS NOT A BIKINI AND HEELS. (Or at least not hooker heels. Lerd.) You know who else wears swimwear and heels? Pamela Anderson. Lady Cottontail here might wanna steer clear of that cabbage patch altogether.

3)  LiLo appears to have bought that swimsuit while  shopping with George Lucas. Which either says dubious things about Mr. Lucas...

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Lohan Fashion Faux Pas: Bikini, Heels And A Suzuki

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