There is a fine line between genius and insanity," is a well-known saying. This article, which is lengthy but impeccably written, firmly belongs in the 'genius' category. In fact, it's so good that it might just elevate the author, Jackster, to the status of a saint.

Let me be clear, we have no Jonny hate here, but the article was simply hilarious and masterfully constructed.

"America's least respected autowriter reaches the final frontier of failure: driving in a straight line, badly

There is something strangely majestic about Lieberman’s perfect vacuity, combined with his Axl-Rose-esque ego and paper-thin skin. Never before in autowriting — scratch that, perhaps never before in writing, period — has someone mustered quite this combined volume of ineptitude, self-satisfaction, and combativeness. He’s a bad writer, he’s a terrible driver (in the original sense of the word), and he seemingly has no idea that such is the case, even though hundreds of people point it out on a weekly basis through Motor Trend’s social-media comments. Next to Lieberman, “Fat Brad” Brownell looks like the gene-spliced clone child of Michael Schumacher, Mark Twain, and Mikhail Baryshnikov.

The greatest part of Jonny’s gift is that, like fictional newscaster Ron Burgundy, he will repeat anything put in front of him, and perform any task handed to him, without the slightest pang of shame or self-consciousness. Perhaps it’s something he acquired from his wife, a self-described “circus freak”, or maybe he was born with it. Regardless, it is a talent of a sort, and his boss uses it in very savvy fashion."

It goes on. And on. And on...

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MADE WITH SHADE! Where Jack Baruth Gives The Car Industry The BEST Article So Far In 2023 OR Maybe EVER At Motor Trend And Jonny Lieberman's Expense.

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