Ah! 2010 has come and gone, thankfully. It wasn't the best of years but it certainly wasn't another 2009, that's for sure.

The automotive industry picked itself up after one of the worst years in the business and dusted itself off. Although cars weren't rolling off dealership lots faster than the assembly line could churn them out but that's what happens during a systemic economic collapse.

Brands like Audi and Hyundai had record-setting years while others, like Smart, experienced some difficulty.

Then there were the recalls! Yikes, what a mess! Hopefully 2011 will put an end to Recallfest.

But what will 2011 bring? It's a lot like a racetrack: there's a lot of room out there for manufacturers to surprise but there's also the possibility that they could lose all control.

With that said, we want to know what you think is the NEXT step for the automotive industry. What can you take from 2010 and see automakers doing for 2011?

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Make Your Predictions! What Trends Or Key Events Will Happen In Autos In 2011?

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