I have always been a fan of Mercedes-Benz and would always continue to be a fan of one for the rest of my life. I'm sure that we of all people have seen a drop in quality from Mercedes on their products in the post 2000 models up to 2006 and was wondering when they would ever go back to the nice solid material quality they had the company representing back when they first started.

Lets just take for instance a W221 Mercedes-Benz S-Class at today's price being compared to a W140 mid 90's S-Class quality wise.

Which would you pick as the better fit and finish and material wise a better choice of the two? Although this is entirely my opinion which means that non of you have to agree, I would say that the W140 was the best and the last Benz that was ever over-engineered. But of course when we are talking about these cars technology always must get in the way so when it comes to modern features, the W221 would definitely win. But lets talk fit and finish. Which would you choose?

Mercedes Benz S-Class built today compared to the ones built in the pre 2000's (W140).

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