Having been a former basketball player who played with some of the nation's greatest talent, I have to say that I still enjoy watching a good NBA game.

It's not the same as actually being on the floor but it's fun to see some friends and foes play the game I use to love.

And while I know many fans griped about this year's NBA Finals, I enjoyed watching the Golden State Warriors take the 'ship home. Say what you will about Kevin Durant but the guy did what was best for him — Lebron isn't a saint either.

Arguably the Warrior's most critical player, Stephen Curry, just had a helluva good week. That's because he just signed a record-breaking, five-year contract good for $201 million. And that's just to play the game. The sneaker deal plus other endorsements come on top of that.

The latest he's added to his portfolio is with Japanese luxury automaker, Infiniti. Dubbed a brand ambassador, Curry will be used to help move units akin to how Lebron James represents Kia.

At the end of the day, we're curious: Does this move HELP or HURT Infiniti's brand? Was this a smart decision by Nissan's luxury marque?

According to Sports Illustrated:

Maxing out Curry (25.3 PPG, 6.6 APG, 4.5 RPG) is this summer’s easiest call: He has made four straight All-Star Games, he’s played in three straight Finals, he’s won two titles and two MVP awards, and he’s missed less than five games in each of the past five seasons. Along the way, he’s led the league in individual plus/minus and three-point proficiency, carried Golden State to a record-setting 73-win season, and lifted the Warriors’ offensive efficiency and point differential to insane heights. Curry has done all of that while avoiding any hint of off-court issues and playing a key role in integrating his MVP teammate, Kevin Durant.

NBA All-Star And 2x Champion, Stephen Curry, Now Represents Infiniti As Brand Ambassador

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