Two thousand speed cameras are now running 24 hours a day, all year round, including holidays.
If one of the cameras catches you speeding, expect a $50 fine in the mail.

Experts say is that's typically more than enough to deter drivers from speeding again, even though they don't result in points on your license.

"The large majority of people who get one violation in the mail don't get another one," said Cory Epstein, of Transportation Alternative. "It works. People know. 'I'm going to start going slower.' 'I'm going to be safer on this street.' People who want to complain about these tickets, the best thing to do is don't speed. You won't get a ticket. You won't have to complain."

While the city is crumbling due to non-stop crime, the mayor is doing things like this...

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NYC Mayor to Turn On Cameras In NYC To Fight The HORRENDOUS CRIME? NOPE, HE's Turning On The SPEED CAMERA'S. And Already Collected SIXTY-ONE MILLION!

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