The words Volkswagen and pickup typically do not go together very well.

  Yes back in the 60's there was a van like pickup and again in the 80's a Rabbit based sport truck  variant.  But these were never what we would call serious contenders for anything other than novelty status in the US market.

Jump ahead a few decades and Volkswagen releases the Amorak truck but for some reason unknown decides to not market it in the US the largest truck market on the planet.  Times must be changing for Volkswagen and the new Atlas based Tanoak has just burst on the scene.

New York Auto Show

This unibody concept could easily be assembled in the US and target the Honda Ridgeline directly.  Lets call it the "weekend truck" market for trips to the local home improvement store. If targeted correctly the Ridgeline could be toast and it may make inroads into the midsize truck market that is proving to be so popular.

Are the Ridgeline's days numbered, who is at risk?

2018 Tanoak Concept Press Release

#NYIAS: Volkswagen May Have Just Found The Keys To The Truck Market With The Tanoak Midsized Pickup

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