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Ok so I am on here everyday and what amazes me is this fanboy culture you all have created here. Lexus Lovers/Haters. BMW Lovers/Haters.... German Car Fans, Japanese Car Fans.... But what I wonder when I read the comments here is how many of you guys have really tried these other brands out, how many of you have actually driven a BMW 3 series, or that new Lexus GS Hybrid? And most of all I really wonder what do you all drive? Honestly post what you drive and the favorite car you test drove and why it has made you the fanboy you are!
I currently drive a 2007 BMW 330i and love it! But I have driven Lexus and can say I like them too.... just the BMW won my heart in the twisty bits.

So come on everyone! Let us know what you drive and what makes you a fanboy!

OK Fanboys! Let Us All Know What You Drive!

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