Audi and Lowe Roche have given Audi enthusiasts the opportunity to purchase a poster of the R8 that, when placed on a consumer’s garage door, creates the appearance that the vehicle is parked inside. The posters can be purchased for $469.99 from the Audi Canada website (

“They’ve sold out of the R8 V10, so we did this thing called ‘garage art,’ ” said Roche. “You put it on your garage door and for all intents and purposes it looks like you have an R8 in your garage. We did it in part because it sold out and there are loads of people waiting for one. And for someone who wants one five years from now, what a fantastic thing to have in the meantime.

“While you’re waiting for your R8, it’s the next best thing.”

In addition to the two poster executions, the Audi R8 campaign features print and out-of-home creative in major urban Canadian markets.

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Own the Audi R8 V10 for $469.99

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