We love talking cars. Whether it's here on Auto Spies or just in general with friends.

And one of the MOST fun things is trying to PREDICT the future of new models.

And one scenario that crossed my mind I saw the other day.

Someone was predicting the FUTURE VALUE of the Ford Lightning pickup.

Here's what they said and WHY they made such a radical prediction:

"One year, pretty good. 2 years, not so good. 4 years, pretty bad. 8 years, $10k

Everyone will be cranking out EVs in 8 years, and all of them will be better than a first generation lightning. I expect that in 5 years, anyone that wants an EV truck will already have one, and the market will be driven by people wanting to upgrade?"

An interesting perspective.

So we thought we would ask all of you but add the RIVIAN pickup into the conversation...

So make your predictions...

How much will the Lightning and Rivian be worth (as a percentage of original MSRP) two years out? Then 4, 6, 8 and 10.

And is that commenter smoking crack on their call that the Lightning will only be worth 10k eight years out?


PREDICT: HOW MUCH Will The Ford Lightning And Rivian Pickups Be WORTH TWO Years From Now? 4,6,8 and 10 Years Out?

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