The new Ford Lightning is getting a lot of buzz and rightly so. It's a nice product and it SHOULD be for the model you are I would have the best chance of getting. The 90k, decked out loaded versions.

That DOESN'T include the dealer STUPID TAX.

Add in the taxes and fees and you're at or well over $100k.

Certainly not affordable to most.

So we're curious who the eventual customers will be and the best way to do that is to ask our savvy readers for their opinions.

Now before we predict let's make sure we're all on the same page about one thing.

Let's be honest here...The MAJORITY of initial buyers are most likely speculators trying to make a quick flip and pocket a cool chunk of change. And that number is a lot more than you'd think based on our dealer conversations.

Now that we have that out of the way let's try to guess the buyer once the initial dust clears.

Do you think the majority with be the lefties who are BORED with Tesla or want to make a protest buy now that Elon is buying Twitter.

OR, will it be traditional F-150 buyers bored with the old school trucks who are curious to try something new and see if this 'EV' world is for them long term?

And one last thing as your thinking of your answer. The Lightning looks like a regular, old school pickup so you could drive through town and most would have NO idea its an EV. And if we've learned ANYTHING, our EV buyer LOVE to show off how much better they are than every one else and parade their moral narcissism whenever they can.


PREDICT! WHO Will Buy MORE Ford Lightning Trucks? Lefties Who Are BORED With Tesla OR Regular Pickup Buyers Who Believe In EV's?

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