This week is the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Though it's known for its hill climb event, it's become a new place for automakers to debut all-new offerings. It's not an auto show though, so, it's mostly limited to new high-performance vehicles that gearheads will lust after.

Jaguar Land Rover has let the world know though that its newly formed Special Operations group will be using this enthusiast event to display its very first model. Of course the question now is: Which company will it be from? Jaguar? Land Rover?

Though our friends at Autocar seem thoroughly convinced it will be a leaping cat front and center, I wouldn't be too surprised if it's actually a Land Rover Range Rover Sport RS. It wouldn't be a stretch to think that JLR would want to invoke the start of its performance division with something traditional; however, I like to think that while it has a lot of motoring history, the company is ready to start moving at the cutting edge of the industry. That would lead me back to a tarted up Range Rover that was teased only a week ago.

Care to wager a guess? Feel free to weigh in on the comments below!

Jaguar will reveal the first model to come from its newly formed Special Operations division at the Goodwood Festival of Speed next week.

The new division was officially announced earlier this month, with engineers tasked to make concepts like the Jaguar F-type Project 7 into a production reality. Jaguar first ran the Project 7 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed last year...

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Place YOUR Bets! Jaguar Land Rover Making A SPECIAL Debut THIS Week At Goodwood! WHAT Could It Be?

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