In the New York Tri-state region, this July 4 was scorcher.

By mid day it felt like a sauna out there.

That didn't stop me from attending one of the local village's volunteer-organized parade and Independence Day celebration, however. A nice day out with some of my family members, it was a perfect day to remember what makes the United States great.

And, of course, enjoy some great food and drink. That goes without saying, right?

As you'd expect for this holiday, we wanted to think of the American vehicles that have been built. Of course, we want to know which, from your experience, has been the best.

Here's the KEY, though: We want you to pick ONLY ONE car that you've actually driven and have experienced. There's no room for dreams, excuses or any other caveats here, Spies. Let's keep it straight.

So, what say YOU,? Which AMERICAN vehicle, that you've driven, is the BEST?

RAISE and PRAISE: Happy July 4th, SPIES! Which AMERICAN Vehicle, That You've DRIVEN, Has Been Your Favorite?

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