After we saw the initial spy photos of the next-generation Range Rover, it was clear. It would take after the Evoque's latest styling cues.

That's sort of weird though, because the Evoque is suppose to be considered the entry-level range rover. One would think that the company would "trickle down" the new design direction; however, that's not the case. Perhaps Range Rover is trying to bank on the Evoque's success?

Well, the speculation can be put to rest as a source from MotorBeam has allegedly received information from Jaguar/Land Rover executives.

According to this gent, the next-gen flagship will have a -- predictably -- greater emphasis on efficiency and boast more economical motors, ranging from a 5.0-liter supercharged V8 to a V6 gasoline motor to a possible hybrid powerplant.

The BIGGEST change to the Rover though will be in its weight. This report is currently saying that it will weigh a full 1,000 + LESS than the current generation product. That's a huge difference and will undoubtedly make a significant difference in the Range's driving dynamics.

Aside from that, expect the vehicle to get slightly wider and longer and there is the possibility we'll see a long wheelbase variant for the Chinese market.

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Land Rover has not given the Range Rover any significant update in ten years. This will change when the next generation is launched later this year. The current generation Range Rover (codenamed L322) is in its third generation. The current Range Rover was developed during the BMW regime (BMW owned Land Rover between 1995 to 2001.) The next generation Range Rover has been codenamed L405 and is based on an all new D4u platform, developed during Tata’s ownership. This exclusive preview is based on information received from JLR executives.

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