Received from abroad, we had a Spy from Europe send us recent renderings from an automotive magazine.

And to be quite straightforward, they are quite good. If you did not already see the Mercedes-Benz CLS rendering this weekend, check it out here.

Here's what we received:

Fellow Spies!

Wanted to connect with you because of more renderings that caught my attention while flipping through car magazines at the newsstand. The latest one is of what I believe is the new 6 series.

What do you think agents?


What say you, Spies? Is this a reasonably accurate representation of the next-generation 6-Series?

Although I think the rendering is relatively accurate, it is missing some of the finer details that recent mules have had on them. Example "A" being the beveled kidney grill. But, it does manage to incorporate some of the Gran Coupe's design elements.

Yay or Nay, Spies?

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RENDERED SPECULATION: Will The Next-Gen 6-Series Look Something Like THIS?

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