Acura had a four-year jump on the Lexus brand which would eventually bury it in sales when it entered the North American market for the 1986 model year. At introduction, there were two models of Acura on offer, which were supplemented in short order to total four body styles. The entry-level models were the coupe and sedan Integras, flanked by the upper-middle class Legend coupe and sedan. Ah, simple lineups! What a time to be alive.

In addition to a first attempt at midsize luxury, the Legend was also the first Honda in production to have a V6 engine. Previously Honda shied away from excesses like power steering, air conditioning, and engines with more than four cylinders. But that skinflint essence of car attitude would not fly in an American offering above the Accord class. Worth a mention, the Legend project was a joint development with Rover, which netted Honda a reliable luxury sedan and Rover a much less reliable luxury sedan with wood and bad electrics.

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