It's always exciting whenever Porsche announces an entirely new model because you know they are somehow going to take the blank canvas and do something special.

It's what they do. It's ALL they do.

So when we got the nod to Lufthansa biz class it to the factory and customer deliver center in Leipzig Germany to test the hotly awaited Macan (Indonesian for Tiger), we pounced on it.

2015 Porsche Macan First Drive

Now before you get all cynical on us and start commenting that all it is is a rebadged Audi Q5, you would be SORELY mistaken.

Turn the key, hit the gas and in 30 seconds you will know this is no ordinary small crossover.

SO let's frame what it is first and what it isn't.

It was said best by one of the European outlets that got to test it before us...

"It's not a smaller Cayenne, it's a larger Cayman."

NOW, do we have your attention?

If you've never driven a Cayman let us inform you that it is the BEST handling car we've ever driven. End of story.

So to fix the only major flaws in the Cayman which are it's lack of interior space, aversion to bad weather driving and NO off-road capability would be a monumental achievement, wouldn't it?

Well that's EXACTLY what Macan IS.

Think of it as a Cayman that is great in even the worst weather that can also kill it off road.

When 00R and I first sat in it at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show we both felt the interior was more intimate than the Audi Q5's and BMW X3's of the world.

What we didn't know is that instead of getting a crossover that drove like a Q5 with less interior space, we would be getting a virtual Cayman driving experience with a small cabin space trade off from those competitors.

The Q5 and X3 are good drivers but in NO way resemble the drive of a sports car.

And that is EXACTLY what makes the Macan so special.

If you buy one you won't be lamenting you should have bought the sports car instead.

Yes, it drives THAT good.

For once, an example where 'RIGHTSIZING' is good!

Best drive experience EVER in a crossover.

But would you expect ANY less from Porsche? We didn't think so.

Oh, and by the way, there is no Cayman TURBO yet.

But there is a Turbo Macan.

And although it is breathtakingly expensive especially when you load it up you'll forget the steep price as soon as you hit the gas pedal.

The S is nice, the upcoming diesel that will come a little later will be great (we did not get to test that but you'll never drive a BAD modern German Diesel trust us) but it is the Turbo that stole my heart.

And for THAT price it should!

There really isn't anything else out there like it.'

0-60 in 4.4 seconds with sport chrono package and 164mph top speed.

WHAT a champ on the track Macan was.

Superstar on track, on road and off-road. Who else can truly claim that today in the crossover market?

When you sit inside it you feel like you're sitting in a Porsche sports car NOT a crossover. The driving position is different than how you feel in the Cayenne.

It will be in USA dealers starting in May so be sure to go to your local dealer and see and feel for yourself.

The standard Porsche color palette is available but make ours red, silver or white with the two-tone red/black interior.

We saw it being produced on the line in factory and OMG did it look HOT!

We normally like black in a turbo Porsche but the Macan has that cool 918 Spyder like carbon blade across the bottom and we like the contrast, hence the deviating color choices for ours.

They also will be offering it in a color called Arum that you see below but after seeing it in person, we would say nicely it was not one of our faves. Judge for yourself though because color is such a personal decision.

The Verdict

Simply the first and best small crossover to marry on road, off-road and track capability as well as Porsche has with this little tiger. We predict Macan will be a huge winner for Porsche conquesting many competitors.

The Good

The first crossover that drives like a REAL sports car. A TRUE Porsche. Gorgeous interior, fit and finish.

The Bad

We wish the exterior design 'EVOQUE'd' a little more glamour, edge and emotion and the Burmeister sound system had the B&O style motorized speakers that lift from the dash on start like in other competitors.

The Ugly

We all have to wait until May in the USA to test drive or purchase one and a lot of us are short the jing to get a Turbo for ourselves.

2015 Porsche Macan First Drive

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