4 words. Listen to Mike Musto.

I jumped it at 80, launched it over whoops at 60, climbed a rock wall with my air conditioned seat on, and hit 60 in under 5 seconds.

Folks, meet the new King of the pickup truck jungle, the new 2021 Ram 1500 TRX. It's kind of awesome!

Specialty vehicles of this nature always come with a learning curve. Fact is, most people aren’t comfortable driving 100 mph on the street, much less off-road. Thus, when your instructor tells you to hit the whoops, a section filled with boulder size mounds of dirt, at 55 mph, it’s only normal to feel a bit hesitant. Same goes for hitting a jump at 80 mph or climbing a rock face trail that you’d be hard pressed to physically climb up on foot. But this is where the million-and-millions of dollars spent on research and development go. They go into first and foremost, keeping you (the idiot behind the wheel) safe, and second, making sure the vehicle does things no other production vehicle should ever be capable of.

Ram calls the TRX the Apex Predator of the Truck World and, honestly, that's not too hyperbolic. I hit jumps at 80 mph and landed 25 feet later. I banged whoops at 60 mph and didn’t lose any teeth. And I also climbed a rock course that I would’ve thought impossible if not for the guidance of my instructor. I also hit 60 mph in under 5 seconds (on dirt), did donuts, slid it sideways through corners, and then drove it back to my hotel. After abusing the TRX for the day there wasn’t so much as a squeak, rattle, or wheel out of alignment.

Good friend of the spies who tells it like it is. You may know him on YouTube as Mr. ANGRY. His full review at the link.

And here's a bonus video review from another friend Micah from KBB

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