So, we’ve been waiting quite a while for any Toyota-related Supra news.

It’s bubbled up now and then but, frankly, there hasn’t been much progress on this front.


It’s a shame too because we’re feeling very confident that the buying public would jump at the right car if it ticked all the right boxes. Much like the Lexus LFA, the Supra is taking a helluva long time to develop.


After seeing the staggering FT-1 Concept, it’s only made things WORSE! When will see more of it and when will get more information on an actual motor that will ship with it?


In the internet rumor mill, the latest news swirling around the subject has targeted Toyota implementing a forced induction V6. To be more precise, we’re talking about a twin-turbo setup. Considering everyone has ditched natural aspiration, this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. 


That said, we want to open up the conversation to you, Spies! Would a twin-turbo six do all the right things for you in the next-gen Supra? OR, would you shoehorn something else in its engine bay?

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RUMOR: All-New Toyota Supra To Benefit From A Forced Induction Six? WHICH Motor Do YOU Think Would Work BEST?

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