Usually, when you hear word of a company insider at an automaker posting on a forum you chalk it up to some troll holed up in their basement fumbling around with a tin foil hat.

But this guy is another level, since what he has spoken about usually comes true within time.

In fact, I am starting to wonder if this is a grassroots outreach program by the Bavarians. It would make sense to share enthusiast information to your most loyal customers, right? Probably the most genius move, if it were BMW's idea.

So let's get down to it. Scott26 of E90post had this to say about BMW's upcoming future:

- BMW is considering a 3-Series "AFAST" = Advanced Family Sports Activity Tourer. This means that it will take elements of an MPV, SAV and a wagon and smush them together. Rear-wheel drive will be present but the most important issue will be space; however, the AFAST will be car like since it is to be based on the next-generation 3-Series long-wheelbase sedan due for the Chinese market.

- The 3-Series is coming back fast! Expect its world debut at the 2012 Geneva Auto Salon alongside an Active Hybrid 3. The wagon variant will come down the road. For the coupe and convertible lovers, you can expect 2013 to be "The Year of the BMW Coupe and Convertible," as Scott26 says. The new coupe and drop top will continue to differentiate itself from the sedan and offer luxury features that are commonly seen in high-end premium products. And yes, the convertible will keep its folding hard-top roof.

- Where things get really interesting is when the topic of a 3-Series Gran Turismo is brought up. Taking note from the AFAST project, it too will be derived from the long-wheelbase 3-Series, and will do essentially what the 5-Series GT does; however, it will be sleeker. According to this information, it sounds like BMW is going full steam ahead and is confident in its GT cars.

With all of that said, what's your take on the possible future for BMW?

**Make sure to click "Read Article" to see the gigantic, revealing post by Scott26

Given BMW's primary focus over the last few years has been it's strategy to increase it's growth within three particular segments.

We have already covered the segments involving the Front wheel Drive platform with the MINI brand.

Now we move onto the modular architecture that will bring forth the next generation BMW 1er and 3er models. Although the modular structure of the architecture allows for Front wheel Drive.

The core of the BMW 1er and 3er models will remain driven from the Rear wheels unless the car is all-wheel driven.

Front wheel Drive variants of the 1er allows BMW to compete in segments where utility and space is a priority to customers with both the 1er GT and BMW 1er FAST offering customers exciting reinterpretations of existing concepts but in a more BMW -friendly way...

[Source: e90post]

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RUMOR: BMW Insider Leaks TON Of Information About What's Next

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