As you know I've been out shopping for a summer road trip vehicle and my travels took me to a few Ford dealers looking for the 2021 Expedition SUV.

I reviewed the 2020 and I remembered that I was so impressed with it, I thought it was a nicer drive than the more expensive Lincoln Navigator. More sporty and nimble. Drove light, like the F-150.

But one of the things I was kind of disappointed on was the clone F-150 interior. If you didn't know you were sitting in an Expedition, you'd think you were in the identical cabin of the pickup. Nothing WRONG with it, just thought it should be more differentiated.

So as I was remarking about that with one of the GM's he let slip that the 2022 will have the same interior as the NEW F-150. If it works, don't mess with it, right?

But the most interesting thing he alluded to is that the Eco-Boost Hybrid motor would be an option on the 2022 Expedition AS WELL AS the POWER GENERATOR option!

So there you have it...what's YOUR opinion of these potential upgrades? Sure would be nice to have a ginormous SUV that gets 24mpg around town with the hybrid...

RUMOR! Spies Let You In On A Few JUICY 2022 Ford Expedition Predictions.

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