Seems like the only news that has had an impact and been able to stick during this crazy 2020 is anything Tesla and the 2021 Ford Bronco.

And when Ford showed the media Bronco and Bronco Sport one of the stats they threw out was that the biggest growth market emerging is in utility vehicles.

Well Spies tell us that data hasn't gone unnoticed in Plano, Tx. home of Toyota and Auto Spies.

And not only is the rumor true that the FJ Cruiser comeback is on the board (it will be a tribute to the original like Bronco) but the secret is that they will follow Ford and make a whole line of vehicles under the moniker 'Land Cruiser'. So expect a new FJ but ALSO a full family of utilities that will use the name. Our agents tell us it's very far along in the secret Calty design center.

We say it's a smart idea because Land Cruiser has just as much if not more brand equity than Bronco.

So give us your opinion. Smart move? And are you a Land Cruiser fan?

RUMOR! Toyota Has A Secret We're Told Will LAND Soon. And We Think We KNOW IT And It's A GEM!

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