In a parallel universe where the Audi A7 was conceived in the 80s, the design would have been a radical departure from the sleek, modern lines of its contemporary counterpart. Drawing inspiration from the era's fascination with geometric shapes and neon colors, the retro-futuristic A7 would boast sharp angles and bold accents. A wedge-shaped profile, reminiscent of the iconic DeLorean DMC-12, would be complemented by pop-up headlights and a rear spoiler.

The interior would feature plush, high-back bucket seats and an array of cutting-edge (for the time) gadgets, such as a cassette deck, graphic equalizer, and a digital instrument cluster. Under the hood, the A7 would likely be powered by a turbocharged inline-five engine, delivering a thrilling driving experience. Though it would be a far cry from the refined luxury of the modern A7, this retro-inspired version would undoubtedly capture the imagination of automotive enthusiasts and sci-fi fans alike.

Would you have LUSTED for it back then?

Retro-Futuristic SHOCK: A Glimpse Into The Audi A7 IF It Was Designed In The 80s!

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