Oh, c'mon! As if you didn't see this one coming a mile away.

Now that BMW has fallen into what I'd like to call "the AMG trap," where you now can spec any standard model to look like the higher-end ones, you too can add cosmetic upgrades to your 2012 6-Series Coupe. Although it remains taped up pretty good, it's pretty clear that the front valence is much more aggressive and bears an X5/6M look to it.

One area that remains to be detailed is the rear valence, which has some faint character lines. From what I can see, which isn't saying much, I'd guess it'll have a 335i M-Sport-like rear diffuser.

We bring you the first clear look at the 2012 6-series M-sport kit on an F13 coupe. Although covered in camouflage tape, it's easy to make out the shape and style of the various 6-series M sport parts - the front bumper, sideskirts, and rear bumper. In our opinion, the beefy new front bumper which adds to the 6-series' thin and angular front fascia gives BMW's top end coupe a much more aggressive character...

[Source: 6post]

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SPIED: FIRST Look At 2012 BMW 6-Series M-Sport Package

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