Though we were proud to bring you the VERY FIRST images of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class' interior well before the shadowy press shots, we were forced to take them down. An unfortunate reality.

But as we charge toward the official unveil, slotted for May, it seems that spies are getting more and more looks at the car. Intentional? Well, I wouldn't be shocked if Mercedes wasn't having a couple of "accidents" and undisguised cars floating around considering the large luxury sedan competition has gotten quite steep over the past several years.

Mercedes-Benz can't afford to mess this one up even if the S will be adored by folks who see it purely as a status symbol.

Just now a friend of ours, Ashleyrude, submitted some fantastic spy shots of the long-wheelbase S-Class that had some minor exterior camouflage BUT had NOTHING covering up the interior. Our friend Ashley may have missed the bigger story here. This is the first proper look at the interior, granted, the glass' reflection is a bit brutal.

That said, take a look below and weigh in on the new S' interior.

2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class TEASER Photo Gallery

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SPIED: FULLY Unveiled — Mercedes-Benz's All-New S-Class' Interior Is SEEN For The SECOND Time

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