This may seem like a silly question, but actually it's a good one.

That's because if you haven't noticed in recent years, MINI has tried to expand its product portfolio. The Brits tried bringing the market two sport-utility vehicles, and it tried out a Cooper Coupe and Cooper Roadster.

While the Countryman has helped bolster sales, the Coupe and Roadster were flops. So, I guess it can be ascertained that buyers will check out the quirky automaker provided some practicality is involved.

Thus, the creation of the Cooper five door. It seems logical and almost as though this should have been the first step MINI took. But, here we are. For the typical consumer that finds the MINI Cooper to be too small, this may just be the ticket to get these size conscious buyers into showrooms.

THINK: if you're a millenial hell bent on owning things with a touch of personalization, the Cooper five door certainly sounds more attractive than, say, a Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla or Hyundai Elantra sedan.

What say YOU? Is a Cooper five door a good idea to get people FLOCKING to the company?

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SPIED: For People TIRED Of MINI's Offerings, Will A Cooper FIVE DOOR Get People JUICED UP About The Brand?

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