It's been a bit of time since the all-new BMW 5-Series was launched. So, now what?

Well, thanks to some very keen Spies on the street we're showing you some of the very first pictures featuring the all-new M550i xDrive. This is the much loved variant of the next-gen 5 that is said to be faster than the current-gen M5.

LA Auto Show Preview

Yes, that speaks volumes. There's just one problem: BMW has not announced whether or not the M550i is U.S.-bound.

Rather than speculate whether or not it's coming to The States, we'd rather show you the latest images of what's suspected to be a pre-production unit. While it's not badged an M550i, it is a 550i model and it definitely has the M Sport package — note the covered up M badges on the front fenders and front clip. We think this is the M550i due to the big blue brake kit.

The 2016 LA Auto Show photo galleries are sponsored by Lexus.

LA Auto Show Preview

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SPIED On The Street! The All-New BMW M550i xDrive — Is THIS Changing YOUR Mind?

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