Out in Europe there's a spy with a camera doing some fantastic work.

Mercedes-Benz killed its Maybach brand only years ago because, frankly, it wasn't working from a business perspective. I don't know why the organization wasn't even more conservative playing in such a high-end market but, what can you do? It probably should have taken a lesson or two from Rolls-Royce who continues to break records year-over-year. Anyhow.

Since there's a void in the product portfolio now, as we've reported before, Mercedes will be using its S-Class to compete with the likes of Roller. For those of you who love throwbacks, the Pullman nameplate is rumored to be resurrected.

While we can't confirm the name choice yet, we have seen this all-new footage of what is clearly an S600 and an S65 that have much different rooflines over their standard sedan bredrin. The vehicle's look longer and the rear doors are shaped quite a bit differently. Well, you have to make room for those airplane seats somehow, right?

**Check out the latest spy footage below!

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SPIED + VIDEO: All-NEW Footage Of The Upcoming Mercedes Maybach Replacements, The S600 AND S65 PULLMAN

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