This is what we've been waiting for.

Although spy shots of the next-gen BMW M5 have been floating around, we have yet to hear this vehicle or see it in action. That's a big piece to the puzzle.

The good news is that an all-new clip has surfaced on the interwebz and we're bringing it right to you.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present the first glimpse of the BMW M5 doing its thing around the 'Ring. Overall, the exterior design doesn't appear as though it will be undergoing a significant change. Yes, more evolution rather than revolution.

But there is one big change. This all-new M5 is rumored to be equipped with all-wheel drive. And, we're starting to believe it. Just listen to how this vehicle works its way around the Green Hell. Note anything strange?

It is squealing its tires.

Aside from that, the engine and exhaust note sound pretty much the same. This too is a bit disappointing as we were hoping for a bit more personality and perhaps a much-changed motor. The latest points to an engine producing thereabouts of 600 horsepower from a bi-turbo V8. Essentially, a carryover.

Let us know what you think after seeing the below.

This video shows you the 2018 BMW M5 F90 (optional with Xdrive). It has a 4.4 liter Twin Turbo V8 engine what produce around the 600HP.

SPIED + VIDEO: The Next-Gen BMW M5 Is Caught In Action Around The 'Ring — Notice Anything...Different?

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