It's hard to argue that no modern Cadillac has had more of a positive impact than the Escalade.

In 2007, gave the Escalade ESV our best large SUV award.

If you remember it instantly knocked the Lincoln Navigator off its block and never looked back. And the only real challenger came recently in the form of the NEW Navigator.

And we all know Lincoln has begun to not only eat up market share but the 'coolness' 'hollywood' image Cadillac OWNED in this segment.

So enter the 2021 all new Escalade.

In our eyes at first glance, the exterior is nice but somehow lacks that BALLSY look of the last model. Can't put our finger on why. Just looks more toned down and understated. SO, not what an Escalade should be.

But when I saw the press pics I really liked how the interior looked, especially how they did the screen setup.

But check out these photos closeup snapped by one of our UK Spies Agent SimonSays @simontrumpers

Is it just us or does the interior look cheaper than in the press shots? The switchgear in particular. Looks VERY Coupe DeVille to us.

Spies, chime in with your opinions and tell us if you will be or are in the market for a large SUV.

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