One thing we love to show here at AutoSpies is how some buyers just need to stand out from the crowd. Some car freaks decide to do this with little modifications or details executed at the factory.

And that's why programs like Porsche Exclusive exist. According to a salesperson from Manhattan Motorcars, Porsche gifted this Cayenne Turbo S in Mint Green — you may recognize this from the 964 — to the dealer. 

Something tells us that this eclectic move has more going on than what meets the eye. That’s because it was noted to me that the sticker on this particular Cayenne Turbo S is a staggering $310,000. This Cayenne is equipped with every Porsche Exclusive option "known to man." In addition, there is a $80,000 Exclusive Tailoring fee/option.

Here’s the kicker: Manhattan Motorcars also has a matching 2016 model year 911 Turbo S.

All that said, we’re just a bit curious: Is THIS Porsche Cayenne a STUD or a DUD in what appears to be Tiffany’s signature color?

[Edit: This story was updated at 12:00 p.m. ET on 8/23/16 to correct that this is not, in fact, a customer car.]

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STUD or DUD: A One Of A Kind Porsche Cayenne Turbo S That DEMANDS Your Attention

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