You have to hand it to both Ford And GM. Almost the entire Swedish Auto industry ended up in their less than capable hands and we ran it into the ground.  Both Saab and Volvo were gobbled up for their uniqueness and strangled by the generifcation of their profit mined owners. A sad statement imperialism in the automotive sector.

Think about it, how else can you account for a Saab SUV, or a Volvo based on a Ford Mondeo?   Kissing cousins are one thing, but these brands had unwanted low cost high margin step sisters tossed freely into the mix.  Both brands are now arguably a shell of their former existence and we know who to blame. 

Saab is on the verge of death while Volvo probably should have been.

That brings me to a point.  Who should really have deserved to die Saab or Volvo or BOTH? Which was your favorite and why?

Saab On It's Deathbed But SHOULD It Have Been Volvo Instead?

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