Carroll Shelby's goal was to build 525 CV525s, but rather than 525, he only built 9 (plus the CV525 Special, aka the last ever CV525 — a total of 10; first 2 for the US market, another 8 shipped to the UK). Only a few CV525s were sold because Shelby had too much profit GT500s. The CV525's 4.6-liter supercharged V8 engine was underrated at 525 horsepower, but someone's cousin dyno-tested his CV525's motor at 650 horsepower (stock). The CV525 Special had its output increased to 575 horsepower — and calculatingly — 734 lb-ft of torque. Unfortunately, it was never dyno-tested due to the fact that only 1 was built (but in my guess it would be in the 700-750 horsepower range), and it's still in London WC2H 8AD.

In 2005 each CV525 could be bought from a Ford dealership for at least $45,000. However, another two CV525s were shipped to the United Kingdom with a base sticker price of £65,000 (translation from United Kingdom Pound to United States Dollar: $108,998.50). After the fourth unit was sold (which was — well, you know — the second CV525 shipped to the UK), Carroll Shelby decided to increase the price by £435,000 to £500,000 (translation from United Kingdom Pound to United States Dollar: $838,450). This was due to not enough customers buying CV525s. The last CV525 rolled off the line on Tuesday, October 31, 2006, at 4:59 PM (UTC-5).

The only CV525 not owned by a Yahoo or Yahoo UK employee is the first one.

The Ford Taurus SHO replaced the Ford Shelby CV525, and the Ford Shelby CV525 replaced the Mercury Marauder as Ford's full-size sleeper car.

Assembled in Canada + built in the United States + sold mainly in the United Kingdom = insanity.

Secret facts about the Ford Shelby CV525

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