The 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) is just weeks away.

As usual, it's one of the biggest events for the automotive world.

Frankfurt and Geneva are two fantastic venues where we get the pleasure of seeing outrageous concepts and all sorts of production eye candy.

It turns out that Lamborghini isn't sitting this one out. Releasing a rather cryptic tweet in a dimly lit photo, the raging bull is previewing something. Just no one really knows.

According to reports the Aventador replacement arrives in 2022. This could either be one of two things: 1) That replacement vehicle in concept form; or, 2) A new Aventador that will feature hybrid technology to propel us to new heights in the interim.

It seems the buzz is surrounding the latter with some calling it the Aventador 2, which is really what the Aventador S was, but I digress.

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TEASED! Lamborghini Suggests Something NEW Is On The Horizon For The Frankfurt Motor Show — Could It Be An eAventador?

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