Obviously, the 2021 Ford Bronco launch is the best one they've had in recent memory.

Plenty of orders are on the books (including mine) and it was announced that demand is SO good there will be no friends and family pricing available on them for the first year. (SIGH).

So what we're proposing here for all of YOU tonight, is to DEBATE this question.

Should Ford ADD a THREE-ROW SEAT Bronco? And should it just be a stretched version of the four door or should they add a FULL size version based on F-150 like the OJ Bronco?

Also, chime in with who you think will win or comment the political debate if you're so inclined.

TONIGHT'S DEBATE!!! NO, NOT Trump/Biden. This! Should Ford ADD A FULL-SIZE, THREE-ROW Bronco To The Family?

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