We all have a stereotyped image in our minds of our favorite Hollywood celebrities from the roles that made them famous.

It's hard not to think of Stallone as Rocky when you see him. And that IMAGE of them makes us happy.

Like the image of Ray Liotta in the classic Goodfellas.

So excuse us for being shattered seeing him as this candy ass dude pumping his own gas into his Range Rover. The quintessential wannabe Hollywood girl ride and of emasculated men.

Ray, say it AIN'T so. You're not Charlie Sheen! Tell us you bought it for your sidechick and you were being Mister Big filling her tank before you drop a wrapped 5k pack of 100's in her purse. So she could go shopping and give you a special treat later!

We've already had ENOUGH disappointment in 2020 with Covid, etc.

What say you Spies? WHAT should a GOODFELLA like him drive?

And Ray, if you take offense to this and you're going make a few calls for your friends to pay us a visit, we were just kidding! ;)

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Tell Us The TRUTH. Do ANY Of You See Goodfella's Ray Liotta As A Range Rover Guy? Has He Just CRUSHED Our Image Of Him?

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